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About Me

Untangling Solutions Everyday

I’ve always been a story-teller first, long before I stumbled upon designing. It all started with writing silly imaginary pieces when I was younger, until the day I started expressing my stories by different means like drawing, painting, stitching and clicking pictures. These were the new ways of expressing myself. Designing for me has always been about creating a piece of work which is extraordinary in its existence, speaks loud about its existence and solves the purpose.


My Design toolkit

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My brand is continuously engaged in a process. I am always ready and committed to solving problems, not just occasionally but as a daily practice.

The decision to launch 'JforJUGAAD' wasn’t taken lightly. I can still recall the moment when I realized that my dual master’s degrees could be the foundation for a brand that would untangle solutions for clients daily. It was a leap of faith, and it has been a remarkable journey ever since

Designing of the logo

Values of the brand:
'J for Jugaad'

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Dr. Vishaka Karnad, IN

"I believe in Jinanshi's excellent ability to set goals and persistence in achieving them. A proud and hardworking student, Jinanshi will not keep any stones unturned if assigned to a task. She excels at applying theoretical learnings to real-world practical situations."

Tina Bahl, Texzone

As her project manager, I have found Jinanshi to be an extremely organized and committed individual. Her positive attitude and commendable managerial control makes everything a success. She has an affable and free-spoken personality and her confidence always allows her to stand out in a crowd."

Petra Bebit, Germany

"Jinanshi's has the ability to seamlessly blend creativity and functionality results in user experiences that truly resonate. A valuable asset to any team, [Your Name] consistently elevates the standard for excellence in UX design."
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