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Stoop bystoop

A subculture of New York City

Stoop by Stoop is an innovative program that offers assistance and promotes sustainability for the homeless community in New York City. Our approach involves repurposing discarded furniture found on the streets to create a mutually beneficial system

Timeline: 12 Weeks

Team: Jinanshi Shah, Nora Garubo, Ayushi Gupta, Riya Rana

Parsons School of Design 


Stooping is a New York City cultural phenomenon where people leave unwanted furniture and household items on the sidewalk for others to take. It is a form of recycling and a staple of city life.

Stooping is a popular subculture in the city, and there are many online communities and social media groups dedicated to it.

The Brief:

How Might We create a more supportive and sustainable living environment for homeless individuals in New York City, while respecting and integrating diverse cultural identities?


Creating a supportive and sustainable system for homeless people in New York City by upscaling life one stoop at a time

Stooping is a recently noticed subculture of New York City, connecting people emotionally and how.




Understanding and Insight Gathering

Design & Prototyping

Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 7.32.38 PM.png


Analysis & Synthesis


Ideation & Concept Development 

a. Subculture & Homelessness

b. Emotional & Cultural Exploration

a. Behavioral Patterns

b.Case Study Analysis

a. Solution Framing

b. UX Design

a. System & Design

b. Business Model Innovation


Implementation & Evaluation

a. Pilot Launch

b. Impact Assessment


Reflection & Scaling

a. Iteration

b. Growth & Expansion


Understanding and Insight Gathering

a. Subculture & Homelessness

What is Furniture Stooping?

New Yorkers are known for their resourcefulness, and furniture stooping is a prime example. Residents leave unwanted furniture on stoops or sidewalks, creating a free-for-all treasure hunt. From couches to armchairs, it's a chance to snag a unique piece or breathe new life into discarded items.

NYC Skyline BW

Hence, Furniture Stooping has since been adopted as a subculture of New York City

What is Homelessness?


New York City has the highest homeless population of any major city in the United States. Recent estimates suggest over 100,000 people experiencing homelessness, with a significant portion (over 33,000) being children.

Homelessness in NYC is a major challenge with no easy solutions. It's a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted approach to address the root causes and provide support to those most vulnerable.

Homelessness has a devastating impact on individuals and the city as a whole. It raises concerns about public safety, strains social services, and represents a significant public health issue.

Meet Nancy Lane 

b. Emotional & Cultural Exploration

a story found on the streets of NYC

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 11.04_edited.jpg

Stooping: a love story

Once upon a time, a man and woman arrived at the same TV console. The man deferred to the woman but offered to help her carry it home. “He helped bring it into her house and then left and she didn't get his name and number,” Stooping NYC said. “Then was making public pleas on her IG story tagging us being like, ‘Please find the hot doctor who helped me carry my TV stand a few blocks.’

Stooping: a break-up story

We had a post recently about a girl who finally put her ex-boyfriend’s stuff out after breaking up two years ago and him not coming to collect his belongings. It was called ‘my ex is trash, but his stuff could be your treasure.’ That was a real favorite because the story behind the items was something so relatable to so many people.”


Analysis & Synthesis

a. Behavioral Patterns

Agenda (2000 x 1500 px) (2).png

not everything is stoopable

Agenda (2000 x 1500 px) (3).png

not everyone is a stoopie

(not willing to give their stuff to others)

Not everything is Stoopable & not everyone is a Stoopie


The emotional Systems

While stooping, its not always furniture that you get, sometimes all you get is disappointment

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